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Planning April

OK April is coming up in a few days, the new words for Flash in the Pan should be going up, and I'll be doing the A to Z challenge.

I have a new book coming out April 1st! Observations, Obsessions, Oddities! OK so maybe I'm a little excited. I'm working on another book hoping to complete the initial draft by the end of May, hoping.

Today I'm taking the short kid with me to let her pick out what she wants for Easter and to buy a few groceries to get by the rest of the week. I don't feel like a long trip, but she enjoys the outings so since Spring Break ends on Monday we are going today. 

I would have a short list, once I get it written to make sure we have a few things that we need and a few more things for meals. I am hoping I do not forget the mop and new broom this trip. My old dust pan finally bit the dust and is in desperate need of replacing as well.

Well, I have a budget to do and a shopping trip to take. There are a couple of things that have to be done before we can go so I'll be cutting my ramblings short today.

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