Monday, March 18, 2013

Preparing for Spring Break

Next week starts Spring Break, which means that including the weekends the kiddo will be home with me for a total of 9 days! I can't wait!

I am planning to get her help with going through her toys and such while she is home. Hopefully the weather will cooperate for her to be outside a couple hours a day running out her energy. The time change initially confused her.

A couple days after the change an overcast sky managed to have it rather dark outside when she went to get ready to catch the bus. She looked out the window and an innocence only a child can muster asked "where is the day?"

Trust me, it was precious. I had a problem with the time change too. I almost made her miss the bus because it was still dark when I went to get her out of bed. I didn't realize it was as late as it was. It's made for some interesting mornings.

I am in the process of hunting down a couple of school supplies for next year so that purchasing them doesn't take such a chunk out of my budget. I have a few Christmas gifts bought, seasonal things bought at clearance that the short kid will find cute. We have to get some therapy supplies, so we'll be searching her room to see what can be used there. We'll be putting her toys away too.

OK I have to go find the therapy supplies I misplaced. Have a nice day. This is the last week I get to go spend an hour at the school twice a week before the break. Then I get my baby dude home with me for a whole week!

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