Sunday, March 24, 2013

Sunday Rest

It is Sunday so I will be resting, sorta.

The kid is home this week, so as long as I don't accidentally put her in a uniform I will not have to wash one again. I have things to keep her happy and occupied both with and without mommy. So I like to nap sometimes, sue me.

She can have some computer time this week, but we will be attempting to limit it to no more than an hour a day. I have a class beginning in the morning, so I will be attempting to do the work for two in the evenings to prevent it cutting into my time with her. 

The nights will be late and sleep will be seldom in order to work, finish the classwork and spend time with that short kid. The checklist will of course give her things to help me with at this point so she's not just running the place like a dictator. 

My one guilty pleasure tonight "Once Upon a Time" yes, I know it's silly and some of the story lines make no sense at all at first. It's my guilty pleasure not yours. I can't wait to see how it works to have Henry's father's girlfriend in town with Emma so obviously in love with the man.

OK off to waste time. 
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