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A is for Adjustments

There have been a lot of adjustments the last few years. Autism, working from home, and my youngest starting school at age 3. A few pets and some major repairs. 

Adjustments aren't always easy to make but at times they is no other choice. The things that lead to them cannot be changed, so they must be taken in stride. The positive will hopefully outweigh the negative. 

Decreases in income cause an examination of expenses and savings practices. Emergency expenses  lead to the reevaluation of everything when the money to cover them makes time harder. 

Children starting school means that stay at home moms are now alone during the day. Stay at home, work at home moms find that they are now unable to concentrate for a completely different reason. They have gotten so used to having little hands interrupting them regularly that they cannot concentrate without them.

Volunteering at the school, paying for field trips and pictures, scheduling appointments it is all very challenging. It is a large adjustment to add to the daily list of things to do when there is only one person handling them.

Now the adjustment of larger income, or of having the source of your problems leave your life is one that most will jump for joy at making. 

What's the easiest adjustment you have ever made? What was the most difficult? Why is adjusting met with resistance when it requires us to make changes?


Red said…
I meet adjustment head on. One of two things happens: I like it (because it is better) or I loathe it (because it is the same result or worse). Either way I learn something.

Easiest: weight loss
Hardest: loneliness
Unknown said…
I'd love to adjust to some weight loss! I can't be alone long enough to get lonely.
Unknown said…
The things we think will improve our ability to work or accomplish something sometimes take the most adjustment because we don;t realize how we have adapted to our current situation. I don;t know really what the easiest adjustment was, off hand I want to say solitude. Contradictory as it seems, I, like Red, have found loneliness to be the hardest adjustment.. I have not yet figured it out. With that comes, or before that maybe, adjusting to being a me, not a we. It took me months and even now I slip, to get used to not having to adjust my existence to fit in another...
Unknown said…
I prefer to simply exist instead of trying to make my existence fit. Adapting is easy, adjusting is difficult.

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