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C is for Children

C is for children, between us we have three. All girls, from 6 to 20. There are fourteen years between the oldest and the youngest, and seven years between the middle child and each of the other two. The oldest was born in January, the other two were born in December.

The makes the holiday season rather interesting. Gifts for three kids make the budget go haywire at the end of the year. Buying for them is not easy. One has everything, one is grown and the other wants everything that she sees.

OK so maybe they got the shopping gene from their mother when it comes to spending other people's money. My step daughter earns her own, she's the twenty year old. Living a few hundred miles away she never fails to send her half sister a birthday card each year, to her she is simply her little sister.

My middle daughter (my oldest, my husband's stepdaughter) is an honor student. She began reading at three, and has since proved she really is smarter than her mother already. When asked what she wants to be when she grows up, her answer is rich. I reminded her mommy wants to be put in a nice nursing home one day, and she replied by telling me that she'll buy the one I want to be put in. I did not know whether to be thankful or fearful. Again, her half sister is simply her sister, or as she says her little sissy.

The youngest is autistic. She was diagnosed right before her third birthday. That was late 2009, and we began an array of therapy. The things that she does makes me wonder how I function in this world sometimes. Her unique view of the world makes me wonder why she is the one in therapy instead of the rest of us.

Children keep me young, and remind me that there is a vast range of knowledge I do not yet possess. I am looking forward to grandchildren, they are returnable and it will be my job to spoil them! Although I have to wait a few more years.

How far apart are your children? What have they taught you?

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