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E is for Exhaustion, Elimination and Energy

E is for Exhaustion, Elimination and Energy. We've all faced them and they come from reasons that often we can control; sometimes we cannot and it leads to a number of changes.

Exhaustion never comes at a good time. Often it visits when we need to be the most productive or have something special that we do not wish to miss. The overwhelming effect means that we cannot keep our eyes open, caffeine is consumed in large amounts to keep them. Eventually it wears off and we can drink two to three pots of coffee and eat a half dozen sugar filled, caffeine indulging items then fall directly to sleep.

The lists of things that have to be done in the electronic age would seem longer than the things that had to be done in the age when electricity in the home was a luxury. No longer is there a need to do the laundry by hand, washers are found in most homes. Homes without one can go to the laundromat, if they have the money to spend on the machines. The larger machines get up to eight loads washed at once. There are even machines that encourage little children to ask for money to spend in them. 

We are suffering from exhaustion as a result of staying up later to enjoy all the things that did not exist when there was no cable or Internet to enjoy. Now the grocery store is open all hours of the night so we can run out to pick up whatever strikes us at the moment. 

Elimination of the things that cause us stress, or that would take time from the things that we enjoy can help to relieve some of the exhaustion that we fill. Practicing time management is supposed to aid in the elimination of wasted and non-productive time. There are those that scheduling takes up more time than actually performing the act in question would. 

Removing non-essential items and those that we can have someone more qualified do from the schedule frees up time. Elimination of the things that we do not use from our homes frees up space. It reduces the time that we spend cleaning and planning around our lives to live our lives. 

Energy is gained from rest, temporarily putting the exhaustion at bay. A hot shower, a long luxurious bubble bath, or time spent reading can help to energize. Rest is vital to well being even if it's just for a few moments with nothing to do but spend time in your own head.

Are you suffering from exhaustion? What can you eliminate to make yourself happier? How much energy do you expend on things that are of little importance to you?


Judy said…
I feel exhaustion every week day at 5 p.m. Funny how it changes at 5:15 and I feel energized! New follower from A to Z :)
Unknown said…
I feel half asleep most of the day, and wake up about bedtime most of the time. Nice to meet you! :)

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