Saturday, April 6, 2013

F is for Fantasy

F is for Fantasy. Having dreams keep you from giving up hope.

As a child a fantasy can be triggered by something as simple as a cartoon, as an adult it is sometimes more difficult to trigger the imagination. Becoming immersed in a good book can do the trick, but it is not always enough.

The reality of life can cause fantasies to; not being satisfied with the life you have can cause dreams of something completely different. Those living paycheck to paycheck can daydream of mansions, trust funds and someone else to do everything for you.

Fantasy doesn't hurt anything until the day comes when you can't distinguish from reality. Then the life we live is not enough to keep our attention, and we begin to imagine things that are far from reality. Some may be feasible but they are not actual. When the fantasy interferes with the ability to function from day to day it becomes dangerous. 

Do you indulge in fantasy? Does fantasy give you a much needed break from reality or hinder your daily life?
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