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J is for Junk

J is for Junk. Junk in our homes, on the roadways, in nature and all around us causing clutter, chaos and confusion. It is time to get rid of the junk and focus on the things that truly matter.

Junk is something that causes the important things to be overlooked. Whether it is trash, broken things that get thrown in the stack of to fix items, or stacks of things cluttering up the mind it is unimportant.

The things that are not important sometimes get pushed to the forefront of things that actually matter. Time with loved ones is pushed aside to make room for junk like complaining about the things that make you unhappy. It is not a good idea to spend life complaining. 

Holding onto broken items in the hopes that one day they will be fixed leaves us with piles and piles of things that could be recycled or passed on to someone that actually has the time and skill to fix them. They could then put them to use, instead we leave them to collect dust in our homes, and eventually find their way to the yard in shreds via a bored pet.

Cleaning house, yards, cars and vehicles can help to rid the life of junk. Clearing the junk from the soul is a bit more difficult. The time spent working takes away from time with family; the problem is that without an income it is impossible to survive. Learning to take time off to spend with family helps to rid the junk associated with beginning to resent the job.

Junk is everywhere. When we rid ourselves of the junk we become able to focus on the things that are truly important. What can you eliminate?

Is junk taking over your life? Do you want more time with family and friends without the headaches of the junk?


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