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K is for Kindness

K is for Kindness. It is one thing that the world can never have enough of no matter how much there is of it to go around.

Kindness takes little effort especially when we remember that all we have to do initially is mind our manners, say please, thank you and smile at those we pass on the street. It makes you feel better when you smile whether you want to admit it or not. When others smile at you it makes you feel better.

It takes more effort to be rude to someone than to than it does to show them that you are able to spread kindness. The time spent saying something rude, rolling your eyes or mumbling under your breath could be better spent volunteering, reading, smiling at strangers. 

Taking the time to hold a door for someone, to pick up something someone drops or to simply give directions to a stranger does not take up that much time. The fact that you may find yourself in a state of mind that you are too busy to do any of these things is programming by society. The world is getting busier, electronic devices rule the day and cause human interaction to be limited making the simple act of kindness a dwindling one.

Posts on social media of the plight of animals, low income families and diseases are shared in a campaign to make the world better. Those that do nothing else share these thinking they are making a small difference. Kindness will make the largest difference, and the effort expended is small. The return is huge when it triggers additional kindness.

Have you been kind today?
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