Tuesday, April 16, 2013

N is for Nothing

N is for Nothing because it is my dream to one day have a single day where I have absolutely nothing to do.

There is a difference between accomplishing nothing, getting nothing done and having nothing to do. It is a large difference that makes one either elated or agitated at everything in their orbit.

I have lots to do yet there are days when I feel as if I have done nothing. Vacuum the floor, it last an hour or two provided that my child is at school, the kids are outside and no one goes out and comes back in. So much for the clean floor. The dog has a love of stuffed animals and trash. Eating them and ripping them apart. 

As you can imagine depending on the short kid's attachment to them she gets upset sometimes at his choice for a snack. I know I get upset at his choice for trash and pulling dishes out of my sink to break. It's nothing any spoiled, untrained dog would not do given half a chance.

Nothing can calm down the hyper excitement when he knows he's got a chance to play fetch. That is part of the nothing I'd like to do. I'd like a day without work to do of any kind. I'd like a day to soak in a tub full of bubbles with the jets on, just soaking watching t.v. and napping. 

I want a day to watch movies, read a book or go for a walk. A day with nothing to do that is what I want.

What nothing do you want? Do you have days where you accomplish nothing but could care less?
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