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O is for Options

O is for Options because we all need them, and unless we are being held captive we all have them.

The option of what we wear, eat, and who we love. This post came about from watching an episode of Wife Swap on the 28th of March. The families as usual couldn't have been more different.

Both families had children, and they swapped wives for two weeks. One family lived with their girlfriend, the other was both religious and political. They were the perfect example of why people change the channel when politics come on and leave the church. Claiming they were savings souls and loving them each spouse attempted to shove their beliefs down the throats of the part of the family they were with.

Options to live your life as you would like to do not entitle you to dictate to others how they should live their lives. The one you are preaching to might not share your beliefs. It is their option not to. 

The options that are not always options exist as well. A higher education is an option for everyone but not a feasible option for everyone. Colleges cost money. Lower income families could have trouble covering the cost. The option of grants and scholarships is available provided the child meets criteria. It is important to begin thinking about this early. It can help secure their future and make them feel better about themselves.

The option to save money is one that is always available but not always feasible. When expenses exceed income it cannot be done without drastic changes that leave you reeling from the shock.

What options do you have in life? Is the option to send the kids to college feasible or are you hoping they qualify for either grant or scholarship to help make their dreams come true? Do you have the option of lowing an expense to save for retirement? Until next time simply wonder about the options out there.

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