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Laurie Childree is back with a new book release. Observations, Obsessions, Oddities hit shelves yesterday and today I have the pleasure of talking to her yet again. Stick around to find out about OOO and her unapologetic style.

Welcome back, you have a new book out. 

Yes, Observations, Obsessions, Oddities came out yesterday.

With two books of poetry published, do you find that there is a need for an outside editor to go over the work prior to publication?

I firmly believe an outside editor should take a second and a third look at poetry prior to publication. There are little things that can go unnoticed such as the improper use of to when the various forms send you into sensory overload.

Besides the editor, who else plays a crucial role in getting a book to publication?

Beta readers. They will tell you what they like, do not like and offer suggestions for things that are not clear to them. They'll also tell you if they feel you do not have enough material to go to press. There are times when they will be your first outside editor, asking if what you said and what you meant were the same thing. Their interpretations of the work let you know if you're on the right track with the vision that you have for your book. 

We've established the importance of editors and beta readers. How important is the press release?

The press release allows potential readers to get a glimpse at the author and the work before they pick it up from the shelves. It is as important as the jackback to tell them what is held in the book's pages and determine that it is something they wish to read. 

What is the marketing strategy for OOO?

I have a twitter feed, Facebook page, G+ page and an ad in Cafe Comics. Cafe Comics which is available from Redmund Productions. The comic strip is free, and rather entertaining, anyone that downloads it will see my book. It is an incredible venue for spreading the world while entertaining the readers. I just have to get my name and my books out there for the public to see. 

You have a rather unique view of the world that comes through in OOO. Who should read it?

Anyone, and everyone that wants to see the world as it is. The perceptions in the book come from observations made about life. There are those that do just to do, those seeking approval and those that have been so damaged the acts they perform might not have been their own had another path opened before them. 

Interesting, so anyone can change the path that they are on to something else. In fifteen words or less, why should readers buy OOO?

It is real. The life could be theirs with a single choice.

There you have it. OOO is real, and it could be your life. Connect with Laurie via  FacebookGoodReads, and Twitter. Until next time, OOO is available from Redmund Productions.


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