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Q is for Questions

Q is for Questions, they are how we expand our knowledge and understand the world around us.

Without questions there can be no answers, there would be nothing to ponder, no learning. The answers are not always simple, leading to more questions but it is not something that we can avoid in this life. The more questions we ask the more answers we get. The more answers we get the more our knowledge increases.

In a world without questions everything would continue without change. No one would ever want to know why things are the way they are. No one would questions the fairness of how things are or attempt to change them. The world would be full of people that acted as robots doing merely as they were told without thinking of the consequences.

Questions are vital to continuing the learning process and preventing becoming stuck in a world without change or knowledge. Asking questions should never stop, once we stop asking it means that we are either too stubborn to learn, or dead. We will not manage all the answers in our lifetimes.

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