Tuesday, April 23, 2013

T is for Time

T is for Time. We only notice it when it slips away from us.

The clock has to be the most annoying thing every invented. It breaks the day up into chunks that make us rush around to fit everything in. Years tick by as days, weeks and months. With the passing of each year we grow older, wondering where yesterday went and why tomorrow is now today.

We are never guaranteed more time, yet we always seem to say we'll get to whatever it is that we put off doing today. The more time that passes the less we realize how much has actually passed. 

Looking back over the years there are days when things seem as if they were yesterday. Other times they feel as if they were a century ago. It is amazing the tricks that the passing of time plays on the mind.

Have you ever thought of something as being not that long ago to realize a decade or more had passed? 

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