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Y is for Yo-Yo

Y is for yo-yo. You know you're at the end of a string bouncing through life at the control of someone else.

There are those that spend their entire lives this way, and those that realize it and break free. The sense of pride when they do is so intense that after a while they no longer care that they stumble and fall along they way.

Years of not making decisions for yourself only leads you to be uncertain no matter what choice you make. Life comes with ups and downs, they are to be expected. There is a limit to how much a single person can take. They say that things that do not kill us only serve to make us stronger. That does not mean that we should pile things on people continually to determine the breaking point.

Being a yo-yo isn't nearly as fun as bouncing through life on a whim, driven by your own desires. Determining your own fate is much better than having someone else make it for you by pushing you through life with the force of a hurricane. Whether parent, guardian, friend or acquaintance the controller of the yo-yo is resented at some point.

A yo-yo is dependent on the one controlling the string. Staying afloat or drowning is up to the controller. It is much better to fall face first than to be controlled for a lifetime.

Are you a yo-yo or the one pulling the strings? Have you managed to break free from being a yo-yo?


Ornery's Wife said…
I am neither the yo-yo nor pulling the strings. I don't think we should control others nor allow them to exert control over us. Instead, we can offer love and acceptance, encouragement and kind direction, and people can bounce around as they like! :)
Carol Kilgore said…
Great post! I'm like Ornery's Wife.
Visiting from A-Z, and great to meet you.
Laurie Beall said…
Thank you! Great to meet you too.

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