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Day 10: Music Player

OK it's time to see what the music player got, or rather what I want it to play. 

I'll also be cheating a bit. Oh don't get your knickers in a knot, it's ok I promise. That and I have no clue how to put my music player on shuffle anymore, the lack of use over the last few years means it was only plugged back in a few days ago. It had a phantom in it. No it was not possessed it had something set that made it come on by itself at the most inconvenient hours. As a result I've listened to the car radio, and stations on my computer exclusively. 
Her father's influence

My family does actually affect the ability to listen to music, or rather my ability to listen to it instead of someone talking. See, when I turn the music on and turn it up, that's a not subtle hint that everyone should shut up. You'd be surprised at how many fail to realize that fact.

My other half is into things such as the "Insane Clown Posse" so that and "Metallica" would be among the things that my little girl listens to in the car with him. Me on the other hand?

Well I would be listening to very few heavy metal bands. See, there comes a point when the music gives you a headache, especially if it drowns out the words. I would be listening to George Strait when I turn my music on. Where I to shuffle my play list would look something like this, provided it paid attention to what I had already done manually.

  1. George Jones - He Stopped Loving Her Today
  2. Barbara Mandrell - If Loving You is Wrong
  3. George Strait -Troubadour 
  4. The Judds -Grandpa
  5. John Schneider - Trouble
  6. Metallica - Sandman
  7. Eric Clapton -Wonderful Tonight
  8. Waylon Jennings- Amanda
  9. Hank Williams Jr. - Blues Man
  10. Jana Kramer- Whiskey.
What does your music player do when you put it on shuffle? Visit M3 to get to know the woman behind this 30 day journey.

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