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Day 11: My Family

Yes it is time to talk about family. I don't know about you but mine is insane.

My family is oddly constructed. The age gap in my children apparent. You see each one is different, each one holds a piece of my heart in a different way.

My oldest (our middle) daughter was born with jet black hair just like I was and looks more like me each year, except for her father's dark completion.
Meeting Little Sissy

Our youngest (only one together) was born with a fine wisp of blond hair and eyes so blue they were black. The blue eyes, her daddy's contribution.  Each day of the last six she has looked more and more like I once did at her age. The face she resembles me cannot be denied. 

The littlest angel is also an autistic angel. She was the fulfillment of a request from big sis. Jas wanted a little sister, specifically a little sister from mommy. (Her father and I were divorcing when she began her quest and had divorced completely by the time she made the request specific enough to be a sister.

Great Grandma is funny
Actually when she found out mommy was giving her a little sister her response was "good I wanted a sister anyway." Told not to ask for a little brother she informed me she did not want one. 

That was what seems like forever ago now. My Grandfather lived long enough to meet my oldest daughter, but not long enough to meet the baby. My grandmother lived long enough to see both. If you look closely you can see pictures of my children hanging on her walls. 

I'll spare you the photos of the dogs and the cats. My girls are 7 years, and two weeks apart. Jas wanted the short kid to share her birthday, the surgeon's schedule and timing did not make it so. Still she is happy, she got her wish and loves that autistic angel that asked for. 

Any way. That's the most important part of my family. What's the most important part of yours?

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