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Day 14: What I wore Today/ Day 15: Zodiac and Horoscope

What did I wear today? Clothes, whether or not I made it out of my pajamas by noon is another story.

Chances are I wore jeans, hopefully they were clean, and a t-shirt. I know I wore whatever my child splashed all over me.

I wore her bath water whether I wanted to or not. I did not put on my makeup. I have no foundation, and I haven't the time to put it on. Chances are good I went to check the mail without shoes. The only time I put my shoes on was to get her off the bus, the bus stop would be the only pavement I walked on today.

My tennis shoes have air conditioning once again, and my boots (that I've barely worn) well it is too hot for them. They too are wearing out. 

What's My Sign?

Aquarius. I cannot tell you my horoscope. I do not read them. I found long ago that they do not go with my personality at all.

Being as this is day 14 and 15 combined to prevent confusing myself we will pick the challenge up with day 16 on the 16th. Not that tomorrow will be postless. I have a post in mind.
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