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Day 16: What If's

Hmm, today is what if day. Let's find out what I go "what if" about. Some of the answers are obvious, some not so much.

The biggest what if moments often come from doing things I didn't care to do just because someone would not shut up one way or the other about it. Whether it was an attempt to get me to do something, or not to do something. 

What if I hadn't done what they were insistent that I do or not do just so they'd shut up and go away? What if I had given into the urge to beat them to death, hit them in the face with a baseball bat, er, excuse them from my life when it became clear what I wanted was not their concern?

Easy, I'd have spent less time wishing I had never had them in my life. That would be less time spent wanting to choke them, or move to my own planet.

What if I had given into the first instinct that told me to run, and not give someone the time of day instead of dating them? 

Same thing. The rest of the list is a rant, and so this ends here.

What are your what if's??
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