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Day 18: A Problem I have Had

Today is all about problems, grab a chair and a drink. It's time for a bitchfest.

What problem haven't I had? Terminal illness. That is a plus.

The biggest problem I have had? Interfering in-laws. They butted in so often, and so far over their boundaries that they have been banned. No I will not reconsider, there is far more to it, and it is not an offense(s) that warrant the consideration of forgiveness. 

A bad marriage, or two. This was the result of not listening to that voice in your head that tells you someone is not worth your time. Oops. I'm getting better at listening to it.

Living in an area that is about 100 years (at least) behind the current century is another problem. It is difficult to live in an area that refuses to accept your beliefs and forces thiers down your throat.

Well, end of rant. What problems have you had? I'm off. 

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