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Day 20: My Fears?, Day 21: How I Hope the Future Will Be and Day 22 My Academics

Ok fears, and hope for the future make for short posts. So I'm combining day 20 and day 21. I'm throwing in Day 22 as well because it's short and time is something I need more of today. Let's start shall we?

OK Fears, hmm what are they. Having to scrap my dogs off the side of the side of the road. The majority of things my youngest attempts on her own, the number of things I hear crashing to the floor as I try to make a living is going to make my heart stop one day.


Moving far away from here, never to return not even in death. I've had all I can stand, my biggest wish is to get away from here, and the majority of the people here.

My Academics.?

They are very nice, when I pay attention and don't get bored. I can't stand sitting in a classroom all day. It's enough to put me to sleep to sit and listen to lectures all day.
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