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Day 24 to Day 27 Because They Overlap

Today I take you from day 24 all the way to day 27 because they overlap a bit.

Day 24. Five words or Phrases that Make Me Laugh

  1. and do a try again - this is what the short kid tells me immediately after not getting her way in the timely manner she thinks that she should
  2. Don't eat the cat - this is what I tell Johnny on a regular basis
  3. a little pregnant -I'm still wondering, is this anything like a little dead? Either you are or you aren't.
  4. are we going to start keeping the car inside? - this is what I ask every time the things needed to maintain it are put in the house instead of in the car.
  5. can you obey? - this is what that short kid goes to when she has to repeat that she is not getting her way.
Day 25. Something I am currently worrying about.

I worry that despite my best efforts and how miserable this place makes me that I will be stuck here for an eternity.

Day 26. Things I like and Dislike about Myself.

I love me, I just don't like being stuck in a place that makes me miserable. The misery causes me to want to take to the bed and do nothing for weeks at a time.

Day 27. A quote I try to live by.

Treat others as you want to be treated, or is it do unto others as they have done to you? I hope it's the first, the second requires that I come up with a large amount of bail money.

What are day 24 through day 27? Until next time have a great day!
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