Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Day 28 to Day 30 to wrap it up

OK once again we're combining days. Day 28 to day 30 all make for super short posts for me so I'm combining them.

Day 28: Somewhere I would like to move or visit.

Honestly at this point I do not care, as long as it is not here.

Day 29: Five weird things that I Like

  1. Pickles in Sprite
  2. Sour cream on crackers
  3. Going months without visitors (if I didn't have children it would be no human interaction at all)
  4. Watching Monk Reruns
  5. Using pictures of exes for vododoll templates. (Well, if I could make them I would use the pics as templates.0
Day 30: One Thing I am Excited for.

The day I move far away from here never to return!! 
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