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Day 7: Five Pet Peeves

It's day seven, the day for pet peeves. Can I narrow it down to five?

1. Hands Off My Plate

I do not know where your hands have been. Keep them out of my plate, you are not my child and I reserve the right to beat you senseless smack you. It is rude to stick your hand in someone's plate and being you are over four without a disability you should know better.

2. Talking Down

Do not talk to me like I am your child. I am grown. I have parents, and I can tell from the tone of your voice you are not one of them. The look on your face when I get just as sarcastic and talk down to you makes it evident that you were not expecting someone that knew anything about your self proclaimed area of expertise. It makes you look like an idiot when you talk down to someone.

3. Do Not Make Decisions for MY Child

She is special needs, and what you are correcting may not be something that requires correction. The decision you are making could go against MY beliefs, and you are showing that you know nothing about them when you take it upon yourself to make the decision. Especially when it is one that you have told repeatedly she is not allowed to do.

4. Lack of Manual Labor, Over Use of the Mouth

Do not watch me performing manual labor then wait until I finish to tell me how you would have done it. I do not care how you would have done it. You did not offer to help, nor did you assist in paying for anything. So until such time as you pay ALL my expenses or get off your lazy (though perfectly physically capable) rear end shut up about it and go on your merry way.

5. It's 2013, NOT 1802

I have a brain, and it is not my job to ensure that everyone is picked up after and fed. I have a job, I work from home thanks to the advantage of the Internet and other modern technology. Familiarize yourself with them and the century we are actually in. When you have been told repeatedly to call in advance yet insist on calling from the driveway, turn around and go back to kindergarten.

Wow! That was hard to limit it to five, maybe I need a 30 day challenge of a pet peeve a day, that'll make it half way through the list. What are your pet peeves? 

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