Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Day 8: What Did I Eat Today?

It always starts with coffee, at least half a pot if I don't get up early enough to have the whole pot alone. 

special for the kiddo

I actually have no idea what I eat most days. I just know that I did because when I do not I feel extremely ill. 

I don't cook if I can avoid it, so if no one else did chances are I had a sandwich. Hopefully there are some granola bars to snack on. Did I mention I hate to cook? 
quick snack

I've come to the conclusion that eating is merely to survive without dizziness or nausea. Water is my best friend when the coffee pot is empty or I've had so much I have a sugar rush. Tea, well it's gotten to where that just makes me thirsty. 

So chance are I ate two actual meals, a pot of coffee and a snack. Sorry, after the food tracking projects I've found writing down what I eat just makes me not care to look in mirrors and I'm far too cute for that.
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