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Day 9: How Important is Education to Me?

OK today is Day 9. Education is the theme. So just how important is education?

Education is vital even in the most basic forms, without it we cannot function. Children begin their education at birth. 

The basic ability to read will take you far, it keeps you safe. While you do not need the vocabulary of a college professor or nuclear scientist you do need to have a vocabulary in some form or the other to function in the day to day of the world.

Never too young for books
Starting with something children enjoy instead of forcing them to use what you want them to helps to ensure that the love of learning is caught early. Just because it is educational does not mean it has to be boring. 

Children remember best when they are having fun. Storytime can be learning time, all you have to do is follow the cues that your child gives you.

Remembering that different children have different needs and will learn in different ways is the most important education that you will ever have. 

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