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5 Tips to De-Clutter Your Home

Clutter is easier to get than to get rid of but it can be accomplished. The easiest way would be not to have clutter but in a world where we are constantly, buying more and more it is difficult to avoid. When you being you should have a goal in mind, and focus on one room at a time. You will do the same five steps repeatedly throughout each room in your home to achieve a home that is free from clutter.
Reduce the Mail
Junk mail is a large source of clutter. It rarely gets thrown away, recycled or composted; instead, it ends up in stacks that are knocked into the floor during the daily rush. Have your name removed from mailing lists that you do not use anything from. Stacks of magazines that you never read are not doing anything but collecting dust. Cancel the subscription so they do not pile up in the future. Donate them to a local office building or doctor’s office so those in the waiting room have something to read.
Sort It
When you begin cleaning, grab some bins, bags or anything else that you have on hand, and separate what you go through. Trash, donation and keep piles are the categories. The trash is obvious; just go through it once more to separate out your recyclables before you toss it in the trashcan. The things that are still usable you can donate to charity or hold a yard sale. The things that you are keeping need to be put away and organized. When you have everything from a specific area sorted out, you will have a better idea of what you have and what you need space for.
An Area at a Time
Cleaning and removing clutter from an area at a time will make the task easier. Pick a spot in the room and begin cleaning it. The trash will get thrown away as you go. Remove everything from the area, and put it to the side. Once the area is clean, you can start cleaning the things that you removed. While you put them back, you can get rid of the ones that you do not need. The entire house or even an entire room can be overwhelming to rid of clutter, make it easier by focusing on a single surface for piece of furniture at a time.
A Little at a Time
There is a shortage of time in today’s world and removing clutter can be overwhelming. Setting a timer can make it easier to break the task up into smaller sections. You are less likely to get bored and will be able to see what you have accomplished.
Organize it - Label it
Everything in the home should have a place and things should be labeled. A lot of clutter occurs because of a lack of organization. Ensuring that you have containers clearly labeled will let you find things quickly and help prevent duplicates from being purchased. Everything should be stored in the room that it is used in whenever possible. These five tips will have you on the way to a clutter free home in no time.

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