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Galley (150)

The weather was nice and cool with a sprinkle of clouds across the sky. The men had been working in hundred degree heat for weeks so this was a nice break. Actually after months at sea dry land had been welcome.

Rain began to pelt the men causing them to scamper back to the tents. The break from the work was an unexpected surprise but the water was making him sick. He felt as if he was going to suffocate, then they started cooking in the tent.

He shook his head as they put the pots on the top of the freestanding fireplace; at least the tent was more ventilated than the galley had been.
Why are they in the desert? How long was he on the ship that water makes him sick? What did he do in the galley?

The word is galley, this post comes in at 115 of the 150 word limit. Click the link to go to the official rules.


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