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Scurvy (100)

The men could not believe what they saw when they opened the hull. Years under the sea had degraded the mammoth ship to nearly nothing. How had it gone unnoticed for so long?

Seas had to have been rough that day, according to legend the waves were hundreds of feet and twisters had come at the ship from all sides. The images that came to mind were more like those from a horror movie than a night in the 1800s.

It was a bit of a disappointment when the determination came back that they had all died from Scurvy.

Why are the men disappointed? What could have possibly been so interesting about the ship? Why is the idea of all the crew dying in a storm more interesting than scurvy? Was it a passenger ship?

The word is scurvy, the limit for this post was 100 words. This post only uses 99. Click the link to find the official rules over the M3 blog and join the Flash in the Pan challenge.

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