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OK it's officially the first of June. My book giveaway has officially ended at Goodreads. I have the names and addresses of the winners in hand.

This morning I would be writing out the checks for bills and making the shopping list. I will be going to the post office either this afternoon or Monday morning to mail the books. I have to package them so they do not get bent up in transit first.

I am expecting another payday in just a few days, and might indulge in a small portable washing machine. My comforters will need to go to the laundromat but that's fine too.

OK I have to check the weather and wash a couple items before go anywhere. I got a little bit of work done already this morning, so I'll be putting off additional work until the kid goes to bed this evening. It is a weekend afterall and I want her to go to the store with me.

I have a few school supplies on the list to buy before I forget about them. Yes, I know it's summer vacation but it's easier not to take out the large chunk at one time.
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