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Monday, Definitely Monday

It’s definitely Monday. I can feel it, my only consolation is that I have today and Friday off. I am taking a three day weekend this week. It is the 4th of July weekend, the chances of my nerves being shot from fireworks going off too close are good.

I do not like fireworks, or more accurately I not like the shotgun type sound that emanates from them. I am sure that poor Johnny will be inside huddle in a corner as they go off. I might not mind so much is the heat and the rains would find a happy medium so I could cut my grass.

I am dreading it finally drying out enough to cut it knowing that I’ll have no choice but to be up at dawn or stay out into the evening to avoid the dreaded heat that makes it difficult to breath. Surprising though with window units only in the living room and the other rooms closed during the day it is not yet too much to bear inside I still have to buy some fans and I have been looking at portable air conditioners.

There is a lot more to consider, for now I’m just waiting to see about the next round of Flash in the Pan to see what will be going on with the next book. What you haven’t heard of the FTP? Well what are you waiting for go visit M3 and find out what I’m talking about.

Time to begin the day, hope yours goes well.
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