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Almost the Weekend

OK it's almost the weekend, and I am on a rampage to find funding. There is a long list of things that I would require, and one of them is getting my kid off the damn school bus since I am not going to be getting a new driver anytime soon.

I am tired of rude people, she appears to have found her manners for the moment but I doubt it will last. Were it possible I'd stay in and have everything delivered. This would eliminate the need to leave the house and expose myself to the stress of these rude people  that make me physically ill.

Some states have the option of children going to public schools online to avoid the classroom distractions. I cannot find the information for Alabama, I have heard they only recognize it if it's high school. I'm about to find out.

I have no idea if I'll have a tax refund this year, but IF I do I'm putting some back to home school or enroll her in a private school. Is it so wrong to prefer putting my child in the care of those that are at least as smart as she is at six years of age?
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