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Yet Another Reason to Homeschool

Bus drivers. Yes, bus drives. Two and a half years of preschool, kindergarten and now first grade. One year in all that time we've had a bus driver and aid that were polite, helpful and didn't complain about things that were beyond control.

This year the driver has the manners of a rock with brain cells to match. Correct me if wrong, but I'm not. If a driver does not have common sense they should NOT be driving children around. While the ability to mechanically operate a motor vehicle is not something everyone has, especially when it requires a CDL part of the test should include mental competency.

My six year old knows to close the door to keep things she doesn't want in out, this woman had to be told to. The dog slipped his collar. It's like she thinks that I enjoy taking a dog (most days two dogs), one is hyperactive and a kid to the road to get in the house.

Now I'm just wondering if I'll start taking my kid to school before I can manage to get a new driver. I have not liked this woman from the start. Call me old fashion but when people call me I like to hear "hello" on the other end of the line. NOT 'who am I speaking with?" You called me, say hello and ask for someone. I don't read minds.

Well, I'm going to try and calm down to start my day, hopefully yours is doing better. I'm going to see if I can calm down enough to work, two hours later my blood is still boiling. Of all the reasons to homeschool I never thought stupidity of a driver would move to the top of the list.
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