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Odds Facts About Me

There have been a lot of changes lately, and life is taking some strange turns. It almost made me forget who I am. I have not managed to fully forget however. So it's time for some odd facts about me. I will not be taking questions at the end.


There have been three, all ill fated. The specifics are none of your business. They all ended or are in the process of ending in divorce. I have two daughters; they are truly their mother's children.


I would require a shitload lot of it. My computer faces a wall, not the door so that those entering may not see my screen. What I am looking at, typing or thinking of is none of your business. My privacy has been invaded more times than I care to count, and I teach my children privacy above stranger danger, especially the autistic child.

If you do not know what privacy is you will not know when someone invades it. It is a safety issued. My need for privacy developed from not being allowed to have it. Common courtesy such as knocking was none existent in the house that I grew up in. Doors flew open without warning, that is an invasion of privacy.

When do I require privacy? Getting dressed, taking a shower, writing, reading and when I do not care to see another human face unless it belongs to my child.


I've never denied it. I do not like people as a general rule. I do not trust them; they do not give me reason to. There is a reason that I had moved out of town and away from people. I required advanced notice of visitors, for those that do not know this means that you call and get permission to show up at the door. It does not mean you call to see if anyone is home after you are sitting in the driveway because you did not receive an answer at the door.


I'll be going now. Hope your day is a good one.

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