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An Attempt

I decided to attempt writing flashes for the M3 challenge one more time. Well, so far it is not going well at all. I managed to get to 38 words and write myself into a corner. That is a neat trick considering the idea behind flash fiction is to allow the reader's imagination to run wild.

I am determined now that I have started to write at least one of them. It might take until the day before the deadline to get it finished but I am. It dawned on me that when I wrote that the regular feature would be ending I was giving up.

The Mundane

I gather all of my information to complete my taxes yesterday. I could have cried when I saw what I made last year, it is proof that I only worked when I absolutely had to. This year will be different, I cannot afford for it not to be now that I am a single parent to a handicapped child.

There is some paperwork that I have to hunt down and fill out for my child while I finish up my taxes, but it should not take that long once I locate it. She has not been getting additional therapy outside of school, she is on a waiting list for services. So technically that is an obstacle that is halfway out of the way.


Thursday I have a meeting at the school to discuss the baby's behavior in class. This is going to be interesting. I think we're going to try one more time to have them put her in time out. Her teacher called me last week to tell me she was up twenty times before the ten that morning. I was not amused, neither was the teacher.

Well, that's about all I have to say this morning. I'm going to attempt to write some flash fiction while I wait for my ride to take me to my appointment today. Hope that your day is going well and the mundane is not putting you to sleep.

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