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Flash Fiction: Marble

The workers were shocked at the amount of blood on the marble flooring as they entered the building to begin the clean up. They had been expecting scraps of metal, wood and sawdust to be what they were getting rid of, not a crime scene.

Whoever had paid the boss must have given him enough to last the rest of his life. Why he had not given them the assignment in person was something they didn’t want to know. The idea that he could be involved with something illegal was not new to the crew.

Why is the clean up crew not batting an eye at cleaning up a crime scene? Are they concerned at all that the boss did not inform them what the job was? Where is the boss? Is he known for illegal activities? What happened for there to be a crime scene?

The word is marble and this post comes in at 95 of the 100 word limit set by the M3 blog for the current edition of the Flash in the Pan series. Click the link to be taken to the official rules for inclusion in the series.
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