Thursday, March 20, 2014

Flash Fiction: Plane

Radiation rose from the explosion making those around him gasp in horror. He did not make a sound as he slithered through the crowd awaiting his first victim to fall into his path. It had been years since he had felt the thrill of a fresh kill and longer since he had indulged in the rich flavors that the reactor would infuse. A plane flew overhead dropping a green slime that stopped him in his tracts and left his last thought merely a wish.

Why is he slithering through the crowd? Is he human or beast? What are his victims? Why is he looking forward to the flavor of radiation? What is the slime being dropped from the plane?

The word is plane and this post comes in at 84 of 150 word limit set by the M3 blog for this quarter's Flash in the Pan Challenge. Visit M3 for official rules and details to find out how to be included in “Boys and Their Toys.”
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