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How Do You Feel About You?

Knowing who you are is one thing; being happy with who you are is another. It is something different to know that you are happy with your life. There have been many times that I was not but I was still happy with who I was.

The principle was simple, live as you believe no matter what. That again is another story and we'd have to wander down the path of how living something you don't believe can do damage. So we'll move on.

You are NOT your job

There seems to be a disconnect at times when it comes to who someone is and what they do for a living. A person's skill set can be intimidating but once you look beneath the surface you may find that they are not intimidating at all. Are they really as knowledgeable as you thought or do they merely fake it?

Do you know someone that appears to know everything about everything? There is
a reason, you know less than they do about the subject matter. It is an illusion that is easily created by those that share their knowledge freely. This is why we pay professionals to perform tasks that with a little bit of knowledge and time we could perform ourselves were we willing to perform them.

It is a disservice to anyone to make the assumption that the profession they have chosen is the only thing that they can do.

Assuming Facts Not in Evidence

It is common practice to make assumptions based on facts that are not seen or indicated in anyway. First impressions are lasting but they can be misleading.

When you meet someone struggling to get by you assume that they have never had it easy; the thought they may have fallen never occurs to anyone. Well, it doesn't occur to most. The thought they have forgotten more than you have known does not occur to you either.

Facts are dangerous things, especially when they are wrong. How often have you altered your own perceptions of yourself based on what someone else said to you? It is a dangerous practice. The doubts that are put into your head about your capabilities are enough to make you question if you can actually do anything at times.

Questioning your own ability to make decisions is dangerous. It is even more dangerous when you begin to make decisions based on what someone else wants, needs or believes.


Now the basics are covered I'm going to bring this to a close for now. I'll be back to this later. It goes further to get the full picture but writing a book in a single blog post is not in the cards for today.
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