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Saturday Evening Post

The last few weeks have been full of changes and continuing. The changes are still positive in nature however which makes me rather happy. Sit back with a cold one and I'll take you through the changes. I'll try to keep it family friendly and refrain from obscenities for the moment.

Another Move

I moved across a few states again, and enrolled the baby in a new school that is better equipped to deal with my child. The teacher sends home daily behavior logs and how she handled it. It's not specific for my child she does it for the entire class, and it allows me to see what is working to improve the way she acts in class.

We are waiting for everything that we need to come back to move into an apartment. There is a single form that is still out and should be faxed today. That will help me a great deal. The deposit for the apartment and the lights will not be so much that they do harm to my budget for next month.


I purchased a vehicle last week, changed my driver's license, insured, tagged and titled it. I even replaced the wheel hub assembly on it. Now it is time for the oil change and possibly a set of plugs and wires. I know I have to buy two tires because the ones on the back are wearing thin but it drives smoothly. It still needs taking to a vacuum and the seats cleaning but with the pending rain I'm not doing that today.

Legalities and Other Headaches

I had to deal with social security for the baby's SSI (she is handicapped) because of technical difficulties. The last time I changed the address they only changed the physical and not the mailing address so I missed some important forms. That has now been taken care of and the baby's father will not be finding out where we are through social security again.

The good news is I found out that we (the baby and I) can each have a set amount of savings and what my earnings can be without affecting her. The amount was a liveable wage.

I stopped by child support and they told me how to go through DHS once her medicaid goes through in order to open a case for free. I can have his wages garnished. That is going to give him financial difficulties; it may make me a bit of a bitch but I could care less. Now that is the end of this because those closest to the situation know what he has put us through.


We each have doctor's appointments set up. The baby had an infection in her throat that needs checking, and I have medications that require monitoring so we both have appointments. Next month I should be able to set up an appointment for a physical that has been put off far too long.

My glasses are still in need of replacement but I found what I need to get that accomplished as soon as possible. I hope to go get the paperwork that I need on Monday provided that it is not after the baby has to be in bed for school the next day.

Spring Break
The baby had spring break last week, which means she only had a week and a couple of days at her new school before she got a break. She is enjoying herself here a great deal. We went to spend a couple of nights off when I bought the new vehicle and she was fine. We have cut down to a single accident a day versus the numerous accidents that we were having and those are in the evening after dinner and before bedtime.

Wrapping It Up

So far so good. I have independence, the baby is happy and there is no one here to make anything go wrong. Little by little my nerves are improving. I drove approximately 14 miles or more to another town and didn't realize it until I got to my destination. Life is good. I have plans for it to stay that way.
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