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Yet Another Move

The last few months have been spent on a mountain top virtually isolated from everything. When I first arrived it was not under the best of circumstances, and I had to be picked up to get there. Leaving one of the biggest problems that I had behind was a refreshing change of pace, but it did not solve all of my problems.

The snow was a new adventure when we got snowed in for a week with the school closed. It was far too cold to do anything but stay inside though that did not stop the baby from insisting on going outside to play.  
cold and deep

I stopped writing and began a new job that did not require deadlines to be met. I must admit that I enjoyed not having to sit at my computer all day or interrupt time with the baby to work. I enjoyed the regular paychecks too, but now that has come to an end.

The school was to small to accommodate my child to my satisfaction. The result? Yet another move across a number of states. So far everything is going well. The baby has been enrolled in a new school, and we are waiting for the paperwork to come back on an apartment. It is only one bedroom but it is larger than our last accommodations. There should not be any feelings of claustrophobia unless I go overboard with the furnishings.

The last few days have been spent getting everything situated to ensure that everything goes smoothly with the next part of the move. Mail has to be forwarded, an Internet provider found and the phone number changed to a local number. The baby is going back on the special needs bus since they can pull in the driveway and there is concern for her safety crossing the highway. The mountain had less traffic, so a quick trip to the school and it is taken care of; I didn't have to call the school the bus driver mentioned it and they called me.

I have a lot of things left to do but there is time. There are deadlines for getting them done but they are at least thirty days if not more for most of them. There are new forms to fill out and meetings to schedule; one of them is already out of the way with a request put in and a waiver form signed.

The IEP that the baby came with is currently being used and before the end of the school year she will have another one. Well, it is time to make phone calls so this has to come to a close. Have a great day, hope it is a happy one.
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