Friday, April 4, 2014

D is for Divorce

Soon enough I will have had three of them. This time there is no dreading the end instead I would be looking forward to it. It will be the end of something that never should have been in the first place. I knew it was a mistake before I entered the marriage but being stubborn I did it anyway. One day I'll learn my lesson.

This is the last marriage that I will have. Dissolving the ties to this man will make me happier than I have been in years. There are endings and then there are stepping stones. This will end something that was horrible from the start and become a stepping stone to the future.

We have already been separated long enough that I can file in a number of states the problem is that residency had to be established and I had to start the time over. The stress that was a constant is starting to decrease to a manageable level.

Divorcing allows me the freedom to begin doing the things that I have not done in years. Simple things like enjoying myself without worry of being interrupted or annoyed by stupidity or drunken outburst.

I am aware that this post is rather short but it does not require expanding as that would cause it to wander off into odd directions. Hope you are enjoying April and the A to Z challenge.

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