Monday, April 7, 2014

F is for Future

The past is not something that we will be reliving anytime soon; hopefully never. Our future is looking rather good even as things continue to change to the point that we do not recognize the plans we had even a month ago. Life is never set in stone and mine is proof of that.

The only thing I know for sure is that there will not be another marriage in my future. I am through with the title of wife. In my lifetime I have had a number of titles, my favorite is mother and it is the one that I intend to dedicate all of my time to.

Our future is not yet determined but it is looking well. We have had some twists and turns but they are not enough to put a damper on all of our plans. The end goal is the same as it was when 2014 began and we can achieve it together.

This may be the shortest post for the month of April but I have that over indulging in talk of what you intend to do detracts from actually doing it. It is past time for me to begin focusing on exactly what I want and what has to be done in order to achieve it. Our future will be history soon enough; right now all we can do is live in the moment and enjoy life as it comes to us.

May your future be a bright one.
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