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J is for Justice

It can be slow at times but in the end justice is always served, at least when the justice comes from karma. She is a funny creature and irony is something that she is all to familiar with. There are instances of karma all around us when we take the time to notice they are easy to see.

Someone gets a cut on their foot that ends up under a toe nail (this is painful, I know from experience) and you laugh at them. A week laughter you break your toe and the person that you laughed at hears the snap across the room. It is karma.

Treat someone like dirt when they do everything humanly possible to ensure your survival then find yourself in dire need of someone to take care of you once you have run them off. Then they end up living a life full of blessings without the stress and emotional roller coaster that you caused them.

Karma is a strange creature, she knows the heart of a person and she does her best to allow circumstances to match it. This is why J is for Justice, while it is not always swift it is end the end just what was deserved for the transgressions that were performed.
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