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K is for Kindness

It is best to act the way we wish for others to act toward us. It is true that everything you do comes back to you. Kindness does not cost a dime, and it is one of those things that comes back to you. It is undeniable that when you are kind to others the world seems to be nicer to you. This is what I have always found anyway.

This is going to require some clarification. Those randoms acts of kindness are best performed when the things that you are freely giving are yours to give freely. When you make gifts of things that do not belong to you the unwitting recipient might find themselves in a situation that is improved but the person that you took it from could be in a bind.

The act is not negated, your heart was in the right place even if your mind was not. Being kind to people is easy and that kindness is yours to give; when the act of kindness involves a tangible item it is not always as easy to be kind.

There is a story about people giving some of what they had while one woman gave everything that she had. The woman did so without concern over what would happen to her. It was done out of the kindness of her heart; when you give without worry about yourself the rewards that you receive are usually obvious.

Think about how many times you have been in a bind after you have done something for someone else that you were not sure you could afford but you did it anyway and found that in the end you were better off for the choice. It is simple to enjoy the benefits that come from kindness; you merely have to be kind to others. It is not difficult though at times you would think that it is as you look at the world around us.

Remember to be kind to others and the universe will return it to you. Hope you are having an amazing day.

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