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M is for Mementos

Leaving my husband meant leaving all of my mementos behind. Pictures of my children, artwork, and stuffed animals all stayed behind. It made the adjustment difficult. While I have left housefuls of furniture behind in the past it was the first time I had to leave pictures behind knowing that I might never see them again.

My little girl left behind mementos of the years that she is not likely to remember because she is so young. Her yearbook from kindergarten, class pictures and all of the things that she made in class were left behind. She left her home and friends, at first I was afraid the setback would not be recovered from but slowly she is coming around.

While there are days that I still think about all of the little things that I left behind I have reached the point where I can focus on the mementos that are still to come. She has a few years left in school, she's only in first grade after all. I say only but the year is almost over and she'll be graduating high school before I know it.

It seems like only yesterday that I was enrolling her in the three year old preschool and watching her board the school bus for the first time. I will never forget the tears that streamed down her face the first time she had to get off of the school bus or the look on her face at the end of year performance.

Then Kindergarten came and so did her first pageant. It was a small school affair and she got to walk in a parade. Fear of her reactions over took me but she had a blast even managing not to flinch with the sirens from the firetruck in her ear during the parade. I cannot recreate those moments for her but I can take the few pictures that are on my computer and put together a scrapbook of sorts for her.

There is not a guarantee of how long we will live in this area but I can do everything possible to make new memories for her. She is adjusting and the set backs are starting to correct themselves so once again we are moving forward. I promise her she will never had to leave everything behind again.
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