Wednesday, April 16, 2014

N is for Negativity

It is a burden to carry, draining the soul of energy. Negativity can cause problems just by entering the conscious mind. It leads to self doubt and denial of capabilities that are easily seen at the surface. It leaves no room for improvement because you believe that you are all you can ever be.

There are no winners when negativity enters the picture. It has to be overcome. Making yourself miserable because of all the things that you do not have will do nothing but cause your health to decline. Blaming circumstances is convenient but not always accurate.

Negativity is like a disease and eliminating from your life will go a long way to making you happier and healthier. I am working on it at this very moment and slowly I find the smile returning on more than a forced basis.

Until the next time may the joys of life outweigh the negative so that you may have a more serene existence.  
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