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Peaceful Easter Weekend

It's Easter Sunday, and the weekend has been one of the best that we have had in a long time. The baby is enjoying her new friends and the socialization with our neighbors.

Last night was filled with hot dogs, marshmellows and new friends. Shorty played with the children and only made me a tiny bit nervous while they were all running toward the fire in the field that was being used to cook the food. We only had one moment where she panicked; it seems that the four wheeler looked like fun to her but the noise from it when Ms. Peggy went to ride her around scared her. She went to run across the complex back to our apartment and I went to get her and take her back. Then we talked about the four wheeler and shorty decided that she wanted it to be pushed.

When all the children got there she joined right in, and no one could tell that my angel is autistic. She socialized the entire evening, and had some spontaneous speech that made everyone laugh.

Today we are going to Sunday School, and this afternoon we are going to a gathering in the common area with our neighbors. The environment is friendly and accepting. It is made even better by the fact that there is no one to ruin the day just by being there. We are far better off than we were back in September.

Life is getting better every day, and today we celebrate life with a wonderful group of people. Happy Easter!

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