Monday, April 28, 2014

X is for Xing it off the list

X is a difficult letter to cover. That's why it's for x'ing things off the list. While the concept is not a new one for me it is one that I am hopefully getting better at performing. There are a dozen or more things that I must get done each day and I am getting better at getting them done in a timely manner without distractions that had previously come from grown people.

The baby is in school everyday unless it is a weekend, holiday or summer vacation and when she gets home it is just the two of us. There is time for her to play, finish her homework, eat dinner and get ready for bed all in a reasonable amount of time.

What do I do during the day? Well, at the moment I am still in the process of unpacking. (I don't have dressers or a desk yet.) I alternate between the house cleaning and enjoying a television show or two while I write, budget and arrange the furniture that we do have. In the process I find more things that I need to put on the list of items to get.

Among the thigns that we need are:

Laundry sorter
Desk (maybe)
bathroom shelves
closet organizer

Well, that not all of the things that we might need but I'm trying to make sure that everything is organized in our tiny apartment and that when we do move out we only need one moving van to haul everything. The explore I bought has a trailer hitch so maybe when the time comes I can rent a small trailer and pull it behind it, provided that I can find one that I can see over and park.

There are a number of things that I can do each day to find calmness. Reading before bed is one of the things that I am adding to the list of things to do. I am a bit behind on my reading, and I have to catch up. I have several books that I managed to get part of the way through and get distracted; I am planning to correct that and mark each of them off of the list as well.  
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