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Z is for Zero

Zero is how much the rent was this month. I had to pay a deposit but the first month's rent was free. I am rather happy about that since it reduced the amount of expenses for the month a good bit. It is also the amount that I am paying for the samples that I ordered.

I like to try new things and samples make it possible to do that without spending a dime. They even include coupons so that the purchase of the items is less. Zero is the amount that I pay for television because I use an antenna instead of subscribing to cable services. In a few months when I change the Internet provider (find one that services the area) I will be watching movies and shows that I cannot watch with the antenna.

Zero is the amount that I spent on furniture. It was all gifted to us. I have purchased very few items out of pocket for this move. I am blessed. Zero is actually a nice number after all.

Until next time may your life be filled with blessings and zeros.  

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