Monday, May 19, 2014

Facing the Week Ahead

The week ahead promises to be a long one, yet again. I would be actively having a social life of sorts while trying to prevent the baby from injuring herself in a moment of hyperactivity brought on by the rain that is frequent lately.

She is adjusting nicely, we made some adjustments at school and she is settling down to very few incidents that are not appropriate in class. Her teacher actually took the time to figure out when the incidents occurred and do something about it. The goal was to make the environment more productive for everyone. It worked, I am more than slightly impressed by the open communication from the school. The teacher is aware that without details no one can help her, so she gives as many as she can and ask questions.

After fighting with knots in the kids hair and trying to keep her from jumping on the furniture I am starting the week exhausted. I am hoping that it will be as productive as last week. Actually a bit more, I am making plans for my appointment at the end of the month, and for her appointment next month.

I am also attempting to finish unpacking as best I can so that I can determine what we have and do not have. I am aware that eight months after I left my husband there are still things that we need to purchase that I have put off for whatever reason.

I know I need more children's clothes hangers, and another dresser. I want one small enough to fit in the closet, okay maybe I want a nightstand for the bottom of the closet, and a desk.

Well, it's time to face a new week so I'll be going. Hope your week is a great one.

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